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Brainturk Lite -  Brain Trainer Free  Brainturk Lite - Brain Trainer Free

This free brain fitness app on android, ios and amazon offers nineteen different games developed by neuroscientists. These games help sharpen your attention span, focus , increase short-term memory, math games, word games, long term memory and also has games like Dual-N-back, Complex working memory that focuses on improving your working memory.

Brainturk app also helps you to get started with proven mindful meditation techniques.

Brainturk Brain Training   Brainturk Brain Training

Brainturk app offers over forty games to help sharpen your attention span, increase short & long term cognitive memory , Improve language skills and tools to address psychological barriers that restrict brain performance. Some of the games included are Revised space fortress, flanker task, go-nogo task, N-back, word bubbles game and a lot of different math and word based brain games. There is also a section for getting started with mindful meditation audio.

Brainturk Brain Wars Brainturk Brain Wars

With Brainturk brain wars, challenge an opponent and battle for brain supremacy in the ultimate brain training app. How do you perform on brain games when you are playing against a real opponent ? This is a multiplayer brain game app that connects you to a real opponent to challenge your brain under pressure.

iOS-Brainturk Brain Wars App

Brainturk Toddler Brainturk Toddler

Brainturk Toddler can be an intriguing window into the world for your preschooler. The cognitive games developed with the help of neuroscientists and researchers focusing on brain training for kids to improve your toddler's short term memory and fine motor skills.

iOS-Brainturk Toddler App

Wordbrain plus Wordbrain plus

Word games are a fun way to learn about different words improve your vocabulary and English. At brainturk, we have six different word games to keep you engaged and improve your language skills.

iOS-Wordbrain plus App