Brain Training Games

Sep 15, 2015

What is brain training? As per the dictionary on brain training means “learning ​ways to ​increase ​your ​intelligence, ​memory, ​ability to ​think, etc.“.

Brain training is not a recent addition, there has been a lot of papers published in psychology from a very long time. Raymond cattell was one of the pioneers in this field.

Computerized brain training like Brainturk brain fitness programs have been a recent addition. One of the early research on brain training was Space Fortress which used a computer based action game to train adults. Brainturk is the only resource available today that has an implementation of Revised space fortress online.

Most of the games available in the modern brain fitness apps have been derived from research on cognitive psychology. We will write about these in the upcoming posts.

The question most people ask is “ Does brain training work ?”. This is a hotly debated topic in the scientific community. The answer you get ranges from no , yes, yes but there is no transfer , our games have enough data that it works and many more.

At brainturk we believe that it is beneficial to do these tasks for example we have a meditation section which helps you to get started with mindful meditation.

We have some word games that help you with spelling , grammar and syntax. Certain math games like tax and discounting , simple calculations ( math asteroid) will be useful in the real world. We encourage users to try out our set of tasks without spending a lot of their money and to decide for themselves to see if it works for them. The idea that intention"in and of itself can cause a serious impact on your brain's capabilities and alter perception in a meaningful way.

We also help researchers to use brainturk for their research. Novartis one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world used our platform for their clinical study. Take a look at our Brainturk Research section for a list of researchers who use our platform for their studies.

In case you are interested in trying out these brain training games on your mobile , install our free app Brainturk Lite on Android and Brain Trainer Free on iOS .